The Detroit News - June 11th, 1998

Loose Stools come by their beer-soaked image honestly

The Loose Stools (the band name that makes all the other disgusting band names cringe) are at it again . If you are even mildly PC, you’ll want to give a wide berth to its new CD, The Radio Friendly Hits of the Loose Stools. However, if you have a perverse and juvenile sense of humor (like myself) or if you have an unhealthy obsession with beer (like the Stools), you’ll want to snatch that baby up, pronto!

Same goes for the band’s live show. I caught the guys Saturday night at Lili’s in all their “blow-up doll” glory.

Singer Paul Hoffman has a voice like a gravel spreader and looks like an extra from a ’70s biker movie. The man dances like he’s got spiders in his pants, and talk about props! Let’s just say that the blow-up doll had only a minor role.

These guys are hilarious and they sound better than ever. Look for their return to Lili’s in July. And if you want to know who’s responsible for this mess, check out the cover of the new CD. That’s Hoffman’s mom laying in the bathtub drinking a beer.

-Beatgirl, Wendy Case

JamRag Magazine

Jam Rag - Vol. XII, No. 19 November 3, 1997 

"ULTIMATE HILARIOUS rock band in the same frame of mind as the Beat Farmers. All the tracks on this left me rolling. The lyrics are novel, and the vocalist reminds me of Jim Dandy from Black Oak. 'Homecoming Torture Queen' is my favorite tune, but then again, all 13 tracks are winners. You've got to hear this band to believe them. Buy the disc, play it, get drunk and make the girls blush! 

Current Magazine

Current Magazine - Vol.10, No. 1 November 1997

"Listening to Rochester's The Loose Stools is a little like walking into a crowded bar in an unfamiliar neighborhood: it's loud, the faces are strange (even a little scary), the smoky atmosphere makes it difficult to breathe and your initial impulse is to get the hell out of there. My advice: find a seat, order a beer and stay a little while. 

"The Radio Friendly Hits of The Loose Stools, packs 13 tracks into approximately 38 minutes of listening time. With songs like, "I'm Drunk", "Barfly", "Drive Fast, Drink Lots of Beer", "Beach Bully", and "Death Truck 2000" this band is bent on exploring just about every shade of shocking bad taste, including alcohol-induced psychosis, deviant sex, gratuitous violence and flatulent revelry. 

"But the remarkable thing about this collection is that it manages to transcend its own simple gimmickry. From the all-out rocking locomotive beat of "She Pulls a Train," to the tortured cowboy prancing of "Cactus Dick," to the monster-mash staccato of "The Homecoming Torture Queen," The Loose Stools, along with producer Jeff LaDuke, have done a fine job capturing and preserving their own brand of madness. 

"The recording has a nice "live" quality which does justice to the Mack truck drumming, the raunchy guitar, the boomy bass and, most of all, the vein-popping vocals which, to quote the Stools themselves, seem to "have been born from the Devil's ass." Lead vocalist Paul Hoffman spits, belches, raps and maniacally wails throughout the course of the record, consistently surprising the listener with his unique performative squeaks and squawks, and finally, assuring us all that "beans = farts" is still a valid equation for humor. -Ken Cormier